Comic Reading Review: Saga #27


Saga #27

  • Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
  • Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Published by: Image
  • Pages: 32, Publish Date: April 8, 2015
  • Notes: The latest issue in a monthly series.


“Poor Marko..”

In this chapter, we turn our reading attention to Marko after a serious drug overdose. We get much into his mind, childhood, and some foreshadowing to what comes next. Meanwhile, a frustrated Prince Robot and friends wait and ponder the worth of their unconscious ally..

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):

This particular episode is unforgettable, which says a lot because Saga s full of memorable moments.

The first being Marko, at an important turning point for his own story. We as readers, see the serious deep exploration of his subconscious, under what could be his last moments of a fatal overdose. The story begins with a strange fantasy of Alana, wanting some rough play for the sake of self-respect. Marko declines, bringing up confessions of what may have been his first violent act, and an explanation of guilt with some father issues. Things go even further abrupt as dream Alana still pregnant, leading to a disturbing vision. Oh, Marko…

Then, we have more flashbacks, as more background is revealed from Marko’s past as he thinks back. He had some crazy violent moments throughout his past it seems, regressing backwards to some wasted years of killing (and some past action of other kind with Gwendolyn, I think). Then further back, some physical abuse happens from his father. For a book that has shown very graphic violence and sexual situations, I have found the physical abuse the more troubling.


I applaud Vaughan and Staples for not holding back the storytelling on this, and really putting the emotional highlights into this telling moment.

The moment takes multiple panels, as the impact of Marko’s beating as a child is difficult. This might even hit home to readers who may relate. Also, this brings to mind much of how Vaughan adds another real world issue involving the suffering of children outside the sequential art (child trafficking and casualties of war deposits, being the others I noticed). We see the rest of the story as told at the beginning, where the hurt put upon him goes beyond physical pain and last long emotionally. He recalls this difficult moment as a catalyst to awakening, flashing back forward to his wife and their child. I would not be surprised, to find this particular issue in some comic story award noms.

Soon, Marko is awake and well among Prince Robot and friends. The story continues on for Marko, but with our fatherly hero having a sense of renewal. This is good, because that would be a cruel way for him to go. But now, something is different..That ending, seems to foreshadow Marko putting an end to his later non-violent pacifism ways. It makes me wonder what else may change with him, as more chapters follow. I look forward..


– Orion T 



– Orion T

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