COMIC READING REVIEW: Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #4

Photo Mar 22, 4 24 21 PM

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland (#4)

  • Writer:  Eric Shanower
  • Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Published by: IDW
  • Pages: 20, Publish Date: March 18, 2015
  • Notes: Monthly series


“Nemo’s first new adventure in Slumberland concludes in gorgeous and surreal fashion, courtesy of Shanower and Rodriguez!”

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):

Another fantastic issue!

Though a little late for reasons I do not know, as #3 came out in December. However, the wait is worthwhile. The art from Gabriel Rodriguez continues to amaze and imaginate. The writing style continues on its playful course, keeping us patient readers back on the adventure.

The story itself, is nothing epic..just awesome to its full potential. It can stand alone, as many dreams do. Readers at this point I feel show just go with the flow, and enjoy Dreamland for its many twist and turns, without looking to the end. For Nemo, his adventures have no limit and I feel grateful for my view as the audience, sharing in these crazy adventures.

At this point, Nemo is fully accepting of his strange place in Dreamland. This is a good conclusion to his first adventure, as we find him somewhat mastering his place in Dreamland. That being out of control, and moved by the strange currents of happenings throughout. There are moments of danger, that wake him up at times throughout the book, but then his excitement for the new happenings pops him back in. He learns to best go with the flow in the 4th issue, with helpful guidance by his new friends.

Photo Mar 22, 4 24 44 PM

The supporting cast of friends old and new, comes together; to guide each other through dangers. The Princess, taking a more active role, leads this strange crew of Dreamland players to her city home; this time with Flip, Dr. Pill, Bon Bon, and Fruckus.  Some wonderful interaction takes place, as the Princess shows compassion for Flip; who in turn initially does not. By the end, they seem like good friends, but I feel that Flip character will be up to no good again. I love Dr.Pill, with his little suitcase of strange remedies. I can only wonder, what else he has for Nemo besides a growth pill..

Overall, the storybook telling is fantastic. The way back leads to new friends, a discovery of a volcanic themed land with a possibly great new ally. There are some odd terrors, though a bit regular for Slumberland. just go with the flow, whether by fish chariot or magic balloon. All lead to the next new adventure, which hints toward the end; the lost crown of the Princess. Our heroes seem well prepared at the end, and excited for what is too come. I am with Nemo to the last panel, and curious for what comes next.

Photo Mar 22, 4 35 05 PM

– Orion T




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