MUSIC: Battle Against A Machine



    • Title: Battle Against A  Machine
    • Game composers: Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu
    • Source: Earthbound, soundtrack to the Super Nintendo Game

Music, to fight the evil Starmen. The Starmen are a race of evil robot aliens with strange powers led by Giygas, AKA the Universal Cosmic Destroyer and Embodiment of Evil;  in an effort to lead all futures into infinite darkness. Eventually, a small town boy from Onett and friends may stop them.

The music meanwhile, is a fantastic piece of underrated electronica; from the epic role playing adventure, Earthbound (or Mother 2, to those in Japan and hardcore purists). It’s soundtrack represents the best of the Super Nintendo’s musical power to heighten game mechanics and mood beyond its own gameplay. But this particular favorite, is groovy and coool.

Earthbound is a magnificent game, essential for all mixed media story lovers. Currently, it’s available on the Wii through Nintendo’s eShop.



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