Let’s go far away..


Proceed deep, into the STRANGER WORLDS!

This is your hub, shared with lovers of wonderful imaginative and creative thought. Partake in our portions of fresh and revisited science fiction, fantasy, and other imaginary escapes. Our mission, is to explore these stranger worlds in every form through literature, visual art, motion, interactivity, music and mixtures of such. Along the way, we will seek samplings, previews, shorts, demos, displays of interesting findings. In our findings, we encourage discussions, conversations, and perhaps new inspirations leading to further exploration of these stranger worlds.

Such will include, but not limited to:

  • Stories of small and large, involving sequences in text, motion, pictorial formats and more.
  • Concept art and ideas shared through contributions from creative peoples.
  • Sequential graphic arts and other combinations of storytelling mediums.
  • Engage deeper into virtual worlds built from interactive media; digital, physical.
  • The meeting and interactions with many creative minds out there.
  • Much more, on related interests.

Overall, we hope to expand our knowledge and inspirations. Share what we find, and discuss. To enjoy and help inspire our human race towards the better tomorrows.

– Orion T,  Astrojournalist and founder/editor-in-chief of Stranger Worlds.

Artwork above by David Espinoza, visual effects artist (digitolwonder.com)

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