2015 PAX PRIME Pics & Notes, Part 2 – People


(continued from Part 1: Places)

The best part of PAX Prime?

Some would say the games, the featured content of what attendees came for. But I think, it’s the people of these conventions that make the travel as worthwhile. Here, are some pics of people that made the show memorable and fun…


The PAC-MAN fever is strong in this PAX!


Bethesda, makers of the Fallout franchise, brought out the inner Vault Boys in many goers!


Many came here to game and engage in massive tournaments. Good luck to all of them!


A new game is coming out based on the world of Mad Max. This group I think was helping to promote, or just show that they are ready for the coming post Apocalypse.


Not sure what game these awesome cosplayers are from (probably League of Legends).


The other Raiden vs Kung Lao..


King’s Quest 2015, Art director Evan Cagle did some sweet living drawing at the Sierra booth,


These awesome ladies display much classic gaming pride..


Not sure which game (or maybe anime) this family is from, but this reminds me that I should update my medical insurance soon.


Deep underneath the PAX, a small room for new card games were presented by their makers. My favorite was Bad Detectives, a story building game of murder and suspense by Zach Burton.


Elan Lee, and Mathew Inman (of The Oatmeal); creators of Exploding Kittens, the most successful Kickstarter project yet. They signed my Exploding Kittens game!  The other picture (not here) I took was really blurry. At least I got the hand sanitizer in good focus..an unsung hero of PAX for some.


Two (of the eight) co-creators of Cards Against Humanity..I forgot to jot their names down. They signed a random card for me and gave good cheer!


A Red cosplayer, from the game Transistor. Always love when fans show pride in the lesser known but just as good entertainment properties out there.


Erik Kjerland gave a most excellent demo of his new and violently fun sci-fi sports game, Slaughterball..


Meanwhile at the Capcom booth, Ryu and Chun-Li can’t wait for the new Street Fighter V game!


A cosplayer from League of Legends..


Part of the fun of PAX are the “Pinny Arcade” pin collectors. Some pins are worth a lot, as some enthusiasts can get pretty hardcore. Here is one page from a collector.


Another page..


Some just got any pins to put upon. A lanyard is always a good place..


From Borderlands? I think..


A Dalek showed up, ready to EXTERMINATE!!


Solid Snake sneaks around, in time for the release of Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain..


From Pokemon, I think.


Promotion for the Mad Max video game was well received by the PAXers, especially with the pimped out cars lined up near the entrance.


Here’s one..


That’s all for now for this year in pictures and notes for PAX Prime 2015. Thanks to all who partook in this grand show, and those who read this far. I enjoyed this much, and hope you did too.

– Orion T

2015 PAX PRIME Pics & Notes, Part 1: Places


Deep within the Seattle concrete jungle, PAX Prime came back for another kickass year.

This Penny Arcade Expo remains a fantastic gaming get together for all players to come together with those who make and promote them. For me, it’s a more of an adventure of discovery and enlightenment. Lots of new games were noticed, digital and tabletop. Along the way, I found treasures of awesome material exclusives, swag, and some awesome shared moments. I also took pictures and notes.

Here below is the first half of pics, featuring more of the places and things I saw on the PAX floors..

Above and below are typical of the main showroom floors, where the biggest and loudest companies happen. PC equipment, indie games, VR tech, gameplay streaming services were the biggest risers of this year for showroom presence.


The 2K booth showcased their latest game; Battleborn, a first-person shooter with multi-player options, developed by Gearbox.


The Dark Souls III fountain display at the front entrance. Notice the cool blood effect..


The typical gameplay of PAX inhabitants, many trying out the newest games and others engaging in a little multi-player fun.


Yes, there were cosplayers around like this jolly fellow from League of Legends. but not as many around the booths this time. More cosplayers in my next PAX entry.


Much massive competition and cheering on. I think this is League of Legends…never played it, so not sure.


At the Yacht Club booth, we have some Shovel Knight figurines that are part of Nintendo’s Amibo toy series. As far as I know, the Shovel Knight is not a part of the Nintendo universe, nor has it crossed over yet. I was told these are only licensed figures by Yacht from Nintendo.


The almost lengthy pathway walk to the area for the Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and other interesting, yet different community friendly card games.


Outside and around the back on Union Street, is the Cards Against Humanity Popsicle truck. Fitting in with the twisted humor of the popular card game, you can buy these Popsicle with exclusive cards inside them. One must go through all three for a set. The mango flavor not really mango, but more of a bland tasting Mango-Fuck-Yourself (said on the wrapper).


I like the title..


The Nintendo booth, mainly focused on Super Mario Maker game.


There was also the usual lounge in a separate area featuring the new games of teh Legend of Zelda, and Starfox franchises.

Photo Aug 30, 3 55 09 PM

The Behemoth Booth, a favorite company of mine. A new HD remix of Castle Crashers is coming, yay!


Fallout 4 fun at the Bethesda booth. Mr. Handy (I think that’s its name) moved and made noises. A closer look is features in a later picture..


Staring at the Pikachu Balloon from Pokemon behind the Alienware, while I wait to play the Oculus VR. The Pokemon booth featured the mobile card game for handheld phones and tablets, which is not by Nintendo.


The Minecraft booth, featuring a new “Story Mode.”


Back at Bethesda, a closer look at “Mr. Handy” of Fallout


Also at Bethesda, this killer robot thing from Dishonored.


Again at the Bethesda booth, is something from Doom..


At the Sony PlayStation booth, fans may add to this wall.


Because not all things great and new are video games.. Here is a game of Superfight, a new card game gains much attention and a growing fan following. I will try it out sometime..


One of many playable board games at PAX. I really like the design on this one..


One of many games one can take part in, within the hallway areas outside of the PAX reserved spots. Here and there, outsiders with no badge can take part in gameplays and demos (mostly tabletop).


A statue from WarMachine Tactics guarded the bridge area between the main Showroom 4 floors..


Love the Alienware logo. Also noted are the aggressive social media campaigns of the big hitters. Many would hand out raffle entries or trinkets in exchange for posting tweets and likes along with using special hashtags or pictures, or join as a “follower.” It’s PR marketing you can take to the bank!


The Magic the Gathering display outside is massive and awesome.


The other side of the above, a large area to the ever popular Magic the Gathering card game.


Well, that is all for now. In Part 2, I will present the many wonderful people of PAX. Many of which will be cosplayers, developers, artists, and other representatives of the gaming culture. Check back soon, on Strangerworlds.com.

– Orion T