SDCC 2017 Recap, Part 1 – Amusements of the Exhibit Floor

Last week, I was again attended the San Diego Comic Con, again.

Such was my 23rd year, as I look forward to all that is great of this continuous show.  I love nearly everything about this convergence of pop-culture geekness, the fandom dedications in many forms, the awesome presentations of art and literature in many forms. There is also the abundance of merch, swag, and interesting experiences; much of which involves long lines.

There is much more to say, especially of this year. Of that, I share the following in pictures and notes across multiple postings. The first round starts below, detailing initial impressions of the Exhibit Hall.

Welcome to the Exhibit Hall, where the crowds are ridiculous around the big production booths, for those with the promise of exclusives, swag, and celeb sightings.

First off, one of many booths in the center of the Exhibit Hall, sadly having not much to do with comic books. I do like Legos, and their giant screen does help bring attention, so YAY!

The Nickelodeon booth, which gets major props for making each year’s display different and very creative.

The Ugly Dolls booth, always a welcome sight for being here for many years in the same spot

The Viz Comics booth, which I think is the last standing of the great primarily manga publishers to have a huge presence at Comic Con.

The Image Comics booth, my favorite publisher of modern times. The company still commands a huge presence, sticking to its creators and the original content they bring to the show.

The Marvel Comics Booth, sadly not adverting much on its comics. But, you will hear much on the movies and TV shows from it here. I am looking forward to Blank Panther.

The Fantastical World of Rhode Montijo booth. I like its style, and proof that a creative presentation can make a great impression.

Peppa Pig, I was told. Nice to see Comic Con can be very kid-friendly

A Teen Titans mural at the Warner Bros booth, when not covered by a massive line.

The Netflix booth, being a bit questionable in its presentation. One walks through the corridor after a long line. Walk through some vague imagery and trailers for upcoming shows, then collect some swag you will likely not need in life.

The Mattel booth, supporting the new Batmobile in life-sized form, from the recent DCU movies, and the Justice League upcoming.

The CFX booth, with some awesome (and pricy) masks for sale.

The small press area, still the most genuine of spots for those looking for a true Comic Con experience, where you discover something new directly from the creative source.

The MOnster Scouts booth, doing a great job of presenting its art and product on large banners…

One merchant here sports some price Star Wars vintage figures

For those with less money to spend, there is another stand with an awesome selection of loose vintage comics and magazines. There is something wonderful here, to see them free of their plastic prisons

Fidget spinners are a big thing this year, and probably gone by the next…

Woah, comic books at a comic book convention!! Sadly, areas with these for sale by merchants are the least crowded of the Exhibit Hall. There is a lot of buried treasure within. Some of which I will share later..

That’s all for now. Here, we have another great part of the show…cosplayers!! Next part, we shall turn away from the stands and toward the attendees who dress up and showcase pop-culture favorites (and some obscurities).

San Diego Comic Con 2015, Part 4 – Some Product Placement

Photo Jul 09, 9 36 11 AM

The merchandise inside the San Diego Comic Con..

All together, a favorite aspect of the San Diego Comic Con show I love to explore inside its gigantic Exhibit Hall. This year was no different, as the variety to collectors appeared wide and wonderful. Though, I felt personally disappointing with the lack of loose action figures among dealers this year. But, they got a spread on plenty of the usual cheap trade paperbacks, geek apparel, vintage comics, packaged popular toys, and popular culture merch for all attendants.

Below, are some notable favorites to my eye for this year…

Vintage comics books look beautiful when freed from their protective sleeves, dont they?

Photo Jul 09, 10 41 40 AM

A favorite find another attendee picked up..described on wikipedia as “a disco album by Meco released in 1977. The album uses various musical themes from the Star Wars soundtrack arranged as instrumental disco music. A single from the album, “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band”, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on October 1, 1977″

Photo Jul 09, 1 32 08 PM

Moss Man is a personal favorite from the classic He-Man toys. Now, you can keep your window and other tacky nerd items of choice company.

Photo Jul 08, 5 51 39 PM

From the Super 7 booth, a rerelease of the original classic Alien figure with metal jaws. The metal jaws somehow makes the awesome Giger creation even scarier..

Photo Jul 08, 5 51 23 PM

On action, the original cover to one of my favorite classic Star Wars covers, which somehow reminds me a similiar scene with Dark Helmet in Spaceballs..

Photo Jul 09, 12 00 42 PM

An odd artpiece from one of the custom art booths..

Photo Jul 12, 11 24 43 AM

Best comic book boxes art ever!

Photo Jul 09, 12 52 24 PM

The Chessex booth rocked my tabletop gamer senses..

Photo Jul 10, 11 57 11 AM

From the Square Enix booth, this Play Arts Steampunk Batman figure is a bit ridiculous, but I do love..

Photo Jul 09, 9 30 49 AM

(DKE Booth) Love this custom Bart, figure and package…

Photo Jul 08, 5 40 33 PM

(DKE Booth) Tusken Jones..

Photo Jul 08, 5 40 09 PM (1)

(DKE Booth) Pity the Foot!

Photo Jul 08, 5 38 13 PM

Gentle Giant booth reps play with a giant replica of the Grunt figure from the early 80s Gi-Joe age!!

Photo Jul 12, 3 45 59 PM

The “Blade Fighter” because I love ridiculous vehicles and playsets to our popular figures, and the packaging to..

Photo Jul 11, 6 43 05 PM

The silly transport vehicle of the classic Kenner Star Wars line, lives again!

Photo Jul 10, 9 21 33 AM

I love looking through original art, and the Exhibition Hall has plenty..

Photo Jul 09, 10 38 06 AM

“Can you BEAR it?”

Photo Jul 09, 11 57 34 AM

Love that Harlock pistol!

Photo Jul 09, 9 36 35 AM

Nice, but I wish I could buy just the Sisko..

Photo Jul 09, 4 35 19 PM

That’s all just a small taste of the Exhibit Hall fun for 2015. Next up, to conclude my Comic Con tour will be some personal closing thoughts. Look forward to them!

– Orion T