Fresh and awesome, cheap comic book reads available online now..

Looking for cheap thrills?

We have, while scouring online for new interesting creative work. With regular comics reaching the norm of $3.99, it’s been a little tough for many to boldly try new things. This week, I bring a bundle of indie creator-driven treasure, fresh through the Comixology Submit program, each for less than one American dollar. Check these out..

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Meteora (#1)


  • Writer: Artem Gabrelyanov,  Artist: Konstantin Tarasov  Colors: Anastasia Katerinich
  • Released: October 14, 2015 via Comixology by BUBBLE.
  • Pages: 28, Price: $0.99

For fans of Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Firefly, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, or just plain ol campy fun sci-fi in space. I enjoyed this first issue of Meteora, for its daring new adventures of a high-spirited space smuggler and her big furry companion. The art and writing hits high, with some awesome coloring too.

Moon in the Trees

Moon in the Trees

  • Writer: Ronald Montgomery,  Artist: various artists
  • Released: Sept 30, 2015 via Comixology by Inverse.
  • Pages: 33, Price: $0.99

33 pages of five short stories by one author, many artists covering different genres and time periods. We got a fantastic mix of horror, drama, action, humor, with different narrative styles by the same author. All together, worth far more than its small price.



  • Writer, Artist: Johnny Herber
  • Released: October 7, 2015 via Comixology by Sawdust Press.
  • Pages: 44, Price: $0.99

A highly imaginative and otherworldly read for anyone craving something different and oddsome in their comics. Here, is a lengthy adventure in a world of giant mollusks and surreal landscapes, through a young female adventurer with some familiar troubles on the side. It’s packed with lots of quirky humor and detailed black and white art.

Hero Cats, Midnight over Stellar City


  • Writer: Kyle Puttkammer,  Artist: Alex Ogie
  • Released: October 7, 2015 via Comixology by Action Lab.
  • Pages: 26, Price: $0.99

Meet Midnight, a secret agent superhero street cat. With the help of his fellow Hero Cats, he stands against the evil forces of the villainous Crow King.  i love the use of shadows and colorplay throughout, as the story has a suspenseful gritty edge to it. It’s a side story within a shared universe, but standalone and can be enjoyed as such.



  • Writer: Tom Taylor, Artist: Mikiko Ponczeck
  • Released: August 19, 2015 via Comixology by Gestalt
  • Pages: 27, Price: $0.99

A short one-shot story of a young unfortunate soul who explodes whatever he touches. So, he must live within a suit. It’s a lonely life until he makes a new friend, and things might change. Written by Tom Taylor, award-winning (and personal favorite)author on Injustice: Gods Among Us, The Deep, Superior Iron Man, Earth 2.

That’s all for now. If you checked out any stories here and have thoughts to share, or have suggestions of your own (cheap or free, accessible online or app)..let us know in the comments!

– Orion T

Fresh, Cheap Indie Comic Reads, Right Now!

I have some short and cheap reading suggestions..

These are available online, for much less than the price of a regular-priced comic ($3.99 nowadays). This week, I bring a bundle of indie creator-driven fun, through the Comixology Submit program. Check these out:

(click on the title of each for a direct link)



  • Writer: Daniel Corey,  Artist: Chris Fenoglio
  • Released: Sept 16, 2015 via Comixology by DangerKatt.
  • Price: 99 cents!

A short story preview to a new series set in a not-so distant future, where social networking is taken to a new level through a cloud-based “Thoughtshare.” Enter Special Agent Bloodworth and her FBI task force, as they solve crimes by hacking minds. It’s good fun, and thought-provoking for those enjoy some modern tech-dystopian drama.

Beigey, P.I.


  • Writer: Joe Wack,  Artist: Sebastian Kadlecik
  • Released: Sept 2, 2015 via Comixology by Low Pulp Comics.
  • Price: 99 cents!

A first issue introducing José, a private-eye in Guadalajara with a knack for trouble and solving cases. Though bumbling and unlucky, José is determined to make the best of his situations. All told in noir-style first-person narrative, with fantastic black and white art.



  • Writer: Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas  Artist: Ulises Farinas
  • Released: Sept 2, 2015 via Comixology by Buster + Norah Press.
  • Price: 1.99 cents!

Note: Released earlier in print via Dark Horse Comics.

What if the greatest monster catcher of them all, gave up? What if instead of trying to catch them all, he failed humanity against the sudden revolt of these pocket monsters? What will it take to bring our fallen hero back to his former glory? Read and see, with awesome (and sometimes gorey) art and throwbacks to some familiar nostalgia.

Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

  • Writer: Alison Wilgus Artist: Alison Wilgus
  • Released: Sept 16, 2015 via Comixology.
  • Price:$1.99

A slice of life cheeky standalone story, on the hunting of an apartment for a friend. This involves a little fantasy, with some colorful and imaginative sequential art.

That’s all for now. If you checked out any of these these stories and have thoughts to share, or have suggestions of your own (cheap or free, accessible online or app)..let us know in the comments!

-Orion T